Date Trail / Test Result Note Place
15.04.2004 Bezierksinterner Juniortest 60 / 60 P. Excellent Nottuln
26.06.2004 Wesenstest succeeded   Billerbeck
The dog appears realtively balanced in temperament and physical behaviour. He likes to play. Perseverance, attention and fearlessness are clearly visable. Prey and Bringtrieb are more or less recognizable. The dog shows good subordination willingness and a trusty bond. He is very safe and friendly in dealing with strangers and confined situations. On the parcour the dog looks at all sources of visable and acoustical irritations on his own.
Remarks: Very friendly, plays with pleasure, very much person-related dog.
19.09.2004 Begleithundeprüfung Teil A 52 / 60 P.   Nottuln
03.04.2005 JP/R 257 / 303 P.   Bergkamen
09.04.2005 APD/ A 57 / 80 P. Good Viersen
09.10.2005 BLP/R 298 / 336 P.   Herscheid
18.03.2006 Bringtreueprüfung succeeded   Bergkamen
06.-07.10.2006 Verbandsprüfung nach dem Schuss mit leb. Ente 182 P. 2nd Price um Unna
09.09.2007 APD/ F 50 / 80 P. adequate Viersen
13.-14.10.2007 RGP/R mit Fuchs 238 P. 1st Place/ Search winner


um Unna
17.11.2007 WT Den Heybergcup 2007 F- Klasse 28/100 P. did not succeeded Kevelaer - Twistede