About Us Nicole and Dusty!!!


My name is Dusty and live with my family Nicole (25 yrs) and her parents on the outskirts of Dortmund in a block of Flats in the near from Farmland and Woods.Every other weekend we go to out Camping site in the near from Gütersloh in beautiful Münsterland here we enjoy ourselves most.Here I can run to my hearts content also swim to my hearts delight or just be lazy in the lovely green meadows.

I also enjoy Dortmund here I have plenty of friends my best friends are Tristan (Labrador) and Yuki (Akita Inu).
I am a good natured dog and get along with every type of dog male or female and in everyday life I‘m quiet and with a balanced nature.

When Nicole goes to Dog Training I am totally different.Then I like to work and please my Lady!!!!! Just because I‘ve got my BLP thats not the end of my Training I am now following my Hunting Instincts and I am now doing more of my Hunting qualifications!

Lets see what the future brings!!! I am planning much more with Nicole!With my BLP Hunting Qualification we were welcomed guests by out Hunting Community and even more since we have expand my Hunting qualifications.

Dusty and Nicole